In With Manning, Out With Tebow

21 Mar

In a week that should have been dominated by March Madness, the biggest story resided in the NFL.  Two weeks after the tearful goodbye and inevitible release of Peyton Manning from the Colts, Peyton Manning officially signed a 5yr/$96 miliion contract with the Denver Broncos. This turn of events, set of a domino effect that effected many frachises and players.

None were more effected by the signing than the beloved Tim Tebow! Many True Broncos fans rejoiced at the idea of having a QB of Mannings magnitude while The fans of Tebow scoffed at the idea; Leaving Many to criticize the Bronco organization. With the historic signing many questions about Tebows future were presented: Would the Broncos Keep him Or trade him? Would He be traded to Jacksonville? Would he become a backup or starter with another organization?

24 hours after Manning joined the Denver Broncos. Tebow has gotten Traded to the New York Jets! Thus arising a whole set of new questions.


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