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Americans do not want NFL games in London

30 Mar

For some odd reason the NFL is hell bent on sending valuable NFL games to London in an effort to expand the brand. Most recently citing a possibility of hosting a Super Bowl there.

While I understand the concept of expanding and trying to gain a more global popularity for our entertaining sport, it just isn’t feasible to do so in this fashion!

Its my opinion, and I believe I am not alone in this, it is a terrible idea. The only way this can work is if you set up a separate conference with at least 6 teams. That way you don’t get one or more teams flying all over the world. The fatigue involved would hinder any kind of competitiveness, which is the sole reason why this sport is so great. That’s one!
Two, even if you decide its worth it just to have one or two games over there, the true fans here in the U.S. of a particular team in a particular market lose out on a regular season game. For what, so that people that aren’t fans of a participle team can enjoy football? No this is unfair to the season ticket holders.

I propose this, if you absolutely can’t live without sending games over the Atlantic, them by all means play an inaugural PRE-SEASON game, a game that is meaningless and that no season ticket holder would be upset about losing.

The underlying fact here, is that it didn’t work with EuroNFL and it won’t work now. So stop pressing the issue!